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Masjid Salahadeen Construction Phase approach

Alhumdulillah Masjid Salahadeen Construction committee has completed a Draft Master Planning of the project and currently working on phasing the project in order to fit our budget and schedule.

It is very important to ensure Masjid is being sustained for years to come. The initial funds for building all phases of the Majid will inshallah come from our generous donors, but once it is built, we to have to get a steady income to support the new masjid inshallah. Therefor the construction committee has planned a 2 phase solution at this time.

Phase 1:

Phase one will contain a temporary Masjid located in the front of masjid site which will initially act as a Masjid and later will be turned into Office or retail space in order to bring income to sustain the masjid expenses.

– Master planning of the Masjid

– Parking for the entire place

– Water Lines, Sewer lines, Electric , Flood management, landscape

– planning for Roads

– Construction of office shell space and finishing the part of the shell for Masjid use until phase 2 is complete

Phase 2:

This phase will be needing a major investment from the community and it will come once we have enough funds to start building the main Masjid Building. This phase 2 will be future divided into phases to fit in schedule and budget.

Masjid Salahadeen Feedback


Dear Community members,

Alhumdulillah by the mercy of Allah swt the new Masjid Salahadeen’s construction committee has made good progress and started working on Phase 0 of the construction project, we have worked along with our volunteer Engineers and Advisors to produce the concept design and elevations. We would like to get a community feed back on the these concept designs and elevations. Next task that we have is to hire an Architect who will make the drawings based on city requirements. Inshallah before we finalize the drawings we would like to get the feedback and find out if we can accommodate any important aspect of the masjid.

Note: Due to lack of space we are limited in our capacity. Current estimate of the masjid is to accommodate approximately 500 people inshallah.